10 Major Websites to Apply For Jobs in the UAE

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In this article, you will learn the 10 Major Websites to Apply For Jobs in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates has become a favourite destination for job-seekers globally. The reason behind this is the growing investment in the states of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, etc.

The second reason is the upcoming expo 2020 which is targeting 25 million visits and expects to generate $30 billion of added value to the economy of the country.

Many People come to UAE to find jobs but unable to succeed in it due to a lack of sources. After intensive research, I was able to come up with the 10 major websites to apply for jobs in the UAE. There are many websites but most of them have similar jobs.


1. Indeed.Com

This is the most common site the job hunters use in the UAE. It’s very simple to use as one has to download it from the Google Play store or create an account online that includes your details. You may choose to upload your resume or build a new one on the site so that potential employers can find you.

By creating an account, it allows applying for jobs posted freely. It brings together different job postings that are online and consolidates them on the website.

For the record, so many employers and employees visit it every hour. Thousands of job seekers are gaining from it. You can search for jobs here either locally where you are based or globally.


2. Dubizzle

It’s a classifieds platform in the UAE where you can buy and sell goods, search for jobs, etc. Using this online app is such a joke.it takes a few minutes to download and create an account on it.

You must log in as u give your desired details in regard to your search on the site. You may decide to place an advert upon your search or pick amongst the available information.

Most importantly, it connects you directly to the recruiting company through the emails and phone numbers, attached to the ads.


3. Mourjan.Com

mourjan site is a free classifieds application that connects Sellers with Buyers directly without any hassles. With mourjan, you can browse and search in thousands of ads listings in various categories like jobs, real estate, used cars, services, furniture, pets, and pretty much anything that comes to mind


4. Bayt.Com

Bayt.com is a Middle East leading job site that has gained huge popularity among job seekers. It’s a marketplace where employers and employees come together to hire and get hired.

More so, it’s as simple as building your profile which includes your details, passport photograph and uploads your resume. You can apply for jobs free of charge. This site also allows you to post ads for free in order to promote your job search. The ads allow the employer to find you easily

Therefore job seekers always use this site to find the right job that suits both their tastes and requirements.


5. Career Builder

Career Builder is one of the world’s best job websites. It has an advanced search function that allows you to filter in several criteria while searching for a job. It gives you the option of searching based on your location, your degree and the pay range that you want.


6. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft and it remains the leading career website in the world. This one is not necessarily a job portal, but many companies prefer to advertise their vacancies through their LinkedIn profiles.

Through LinkedIn, you’re not only able to network but you can also find jobs via recommendations. LinkedIn also allows you to participate in conversations, join groups for discussions and follow companies that are relevant to the job you are searching for. It is also quite popular.


7. Gulf Talent

Gulf talent is another great website. It has one of the best user interfaces and provides most of the features needed in a job seeking website. Job seekers can easily search for jobs based on their preferences.

Admittedly, headhunting is a little strict. But it provides some of the best jobs in the country. Here is a chance to show your talents and brighten your future.


8. Friday Market

Friday Market is a classified website that is super easy to use and filled with thousands of ongoing job offers. It doesn’t require any sign-up or registration, so you can quickly check out all those jobs listed on their site.

And the best thing is that their team always update their site with the latest and ongoing job offers. So with this site, you can easily find a job offer that is currently available in UAE

And guess what?

The handy search filters of Friday Market will also allow you to look for jobs based on different locations and categories.

So if you have an MBA in Marketing, you can easily sort out and search for the jobs that are relevant to your requirement.

But if you don’t have a degree and want to do an ordinary job, you can also look for it using the Search Filters of Friday Market.

So for finding a job that suits you best, I recommend you to use Friday Market. It has a whole lot of job opportunities listed on its sites, so hopefully, you will be able to find the right job to build up your career.


9. Khaleej Times Appointments

Khaleej times is an official newspaper in UAE and they advertise daily job openings within the country. All you need to do is visit the Appointments section of the newspaper online and check for the job listings with the email and phone number of the employers attached to the ads. Whether skilled, technical or professional jobs, this online job site has something for you.


10. Monster Gulf

This one is actually a global website known by the name Monster. And the Monster is just a part of their giant networks which focuses mainly on job opportunities in the Gulf Region. And hence the name Monster Gulf.

However, this website has the largest number of job listings compared to other websites. You can also network through this website and upload your resume for potential employers to see. Monster also offers mail alert services. It is one of the world’s best job websites in the world.

In conclusion, if you are currently looking for a job or want to upgrade from your current job, it is advisable that you register with some of these 10 major websites to apply for jobs in the UAE as listed. However, apart from offering you many job opportunities, it can also offer you a chance to learn and connect with other people.

Good luck


Hope this article was helpful?



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