10 Benefits of UAE Exchange’s Gocash MasterCard

10 Benefits of UAE Exchange’s Gocash MasterCard
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Recently a lot of concerns have been raised on the best means to safely move around the world with your finances smartly. This is one of the many reasons why Gocash MasterCard is ideal for you.  This article highlights the benefits of UAE Exchange’s Gocash Mastercard.

Apart from the opportunity to withdraw currency of your choice in any part of the world, it enables you to make purchases

and perform online transactions. Also use for subscriptions in a Google play store, etc.

This card is acceptable in paying bills in shops, restaurants, hotels etc. Moreover, it allows withdrawing of cash from ATMs

worldwide where MasterCard is acceptable

Therefore, Gocash MasterCard is a reloadable prepaid travel card that let you have easy access to your pre-loaded funds while

on the go. With this card, your funds can be stored in up to six currencies, with the US dollar being the default balance.

Importance of UAE Exchange Gocash MasterCard

Like every other MasterCard, the card also comes with loads of benefits for its users. Some of the key benefits include:

  • It provides the opportunity to store your funds on currencies of your choice and make use of it while on the go.
  • There is Wide acceptance of the card across the globe
  • It allows you to safely travel with your money smartly
  • It enables online purchases through millions of MasterCard POS machines
  • With go cash card, you can subscribe to any site that requires payments
  • The card provides you with a convenient way to spend money overseas because it allows converting your funds to a particular currency in advance of making transactions
  • The card allows withdrawal of cash from MasterCard powered ATMs
  • It provides an opportunity to load multiple currencies in a single card. This can be up to six from a choice of 15
  • It’s also an avenue to protect your money from loss due to currency rate fluctuations. This can be achieved through exchange rate lock facility
  • It makes travel budgets easier for you

How Does Gocash MasterCard Work?

The use of a Gocash MasterCard is simple and easy.

A good way to start is to firstly Purchase the card from any UAE Exchange branch within UAE

Then select the currency your choice from the available currencies.

Load your card with the budgeted amount and it’s converted to the foreign currency you have chosen

You can always reload the card at any UAE Exchange branch in the UAE, from any other distribution channels authorized by UAE Exchange, or from an authorized representative.


What to Do If the Card Got Stolen, Misplaced, Lost or Damaged

In the case of the above scenario, all you need to do is to channel your complain to the Customer Service centre by calling


After successful identification, the Customer Service centre will put your card out of service temporarily pending clarifications from card’s holder

However, to continue using the card services you are to make a request for a replacement of the card. And then activate the same


Requirements to Purchase Your Gocash MasterCard


10 Benefits of UAE Exchange’s Gocash MasterCard


The major requirements for obtaining a Card Account from UAE Exchange are as follows.

A residential address in the United Arab Emirates and the ability to satisfy the identification requirements of UAE Exchange.

You are also expected to complete the formalities of registration in the UAE Exchange before you can obtain your cards. 18 years+ age is also required.

For purchase, activation or other queries, please call +971-2-6355625 or email


Finally, considering the numerous benefits of UAE Exchange’s Gocash MasterCard, anyone who is serious about making smart transactions, purchases, and withdrawal should consider getting a Card Account from UAE Exchange.

Because the card will go a long way in making your life easier

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